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Annual meeting: July, 2017

Due to be held in conjunction with the  British Association of Dermatologists.

For details contact:

Dr Jason Williams,
Consultant Dermatologist,
Hope Hospital,

European Society of Contact Dermatitis: Manchester; September 14-17, 2016

For those of you wishing to attend the European meeting the website can be found at

Patient information leaflets for the baseline series updated (2016)

see downloads

Minimum standards for Cutaneous Allergy Services (2012)

With the British Associaton of Dermatologists and British Dermatology Nursing Grup we've produced a document to advise on best practice in provison of a service for the investigation of allergic skin disease. To view the document click here. Currently, Service standards are being developed to provide a means of accrediting services.

Baseline Series Amended (2011)

Primin: Deleted due to the low frequency of reactions and lack of relevance

Propolis: thought not to add value as a screening allergen and moved to the facial series

Methylisothiazolinone 0.2% aq added: this allergen is now used on its own in personal care products. Several studies have shown that the current MCI/MI mixture misses relevant positive results and that the 0.02% concentraton gives false negative results.

Amerchol L101 50% pet added. The debate about lanolin allergy continues. Several members felt that the addition of amerchol aided diagnosis when there were consistent reactions with other lanolin related allergens.

To improve sensitivity and reduce the risk of false negative reactions the concentrations of 2 allergens have been increased without appearing to increase the risk of irritancy.

Formaldehyde 2% aq

2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol 0.5%

Updated versions (2015) of some of the patient information leaflets are now avaialbale in the downloads section.

Database Update

We are currenlty negotiating an update to the database to hopefully make it more user friendly and enable easier extraction of the data.

Bespoke footwear

Contact allergy to footwear presents significant problems in terms of sourcing suitable footwear items not containing the relevant allergens. Follow this link for sources of bespoke footwear.

DOPS in Contact Dermatitis

The committee have developed and trialled an assessment format for SPRs in contact dermatitis. This is available for downloading from this link

Joint Replacement and Patch Testing

Several BCDS members have requested advice on the advisability of patch testing for patients due to undergo joint replacement surgery. Prof Gawkrodger has published a review of this topic that is made available with permission of the British Journal of Dermatology, to view the article (pdf format) follow this link



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